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7 Business Tips from Rheinald Khasali

7 Business Tips from Rheinald KhasaliIn his latest book, Rheinald Khasali summarizes the experiences of some successful young entrepreneurs. Includes tip their success. Please refer to, who knows you could learn from him.

1. Enjoy the beauty of creative thinking
Being creative means always opened the door and explore the options. As said John C. Maxwell, “Talent alone is not enough. Nor IQ. All potential new be, and any potential need to find the door.” The trick? Dare to try.

2. The power of simplicity
This tip comes from the successful experience Firman Budi Prasetyo, Tella Krezz owners. He managed to raise the prestige of cassava to be the same as french fries and other snack import. The key to success is simple thinkers, they do things that are recognizable and getting comfortable with since childhood.

3. Look for a low cost structure
According Rheinald Khasali, not a lifestyle entrepreneurship. If you spend money lifestyle. In your self-employment and income generation to reduce spending. With this mindset, then run business will bring profits.

4. Use technology, reach as many people as possible
Currently when you stutter technology it will lose. Because, with the technology, product marketing will spread to many people without any cost. With Twitter, Facebook, websites, or blogs, the promotion will be spread in a matter of minutes.

5. Breathed the spirit of your brand
It means to give strength and life to the brand in order to move on its own, and helpless life. Your brand is your character, so do not compromise on the things that can damage your reputation and character, because it will affect the brand. String together a story telling about your brand, usually people like the story behind a product.

6. DNA Entrepreneurship
All people can do business and have a DNA entrepreneurship. How to expand knowledge, many associate with successful entrepreneurs who are ethical, and hard working.

7. Friends with uncertainty
In common business uncertainty, even businesses are considered among the surfing waves of uncertainty. Uncertainty occurs when we do not recognize anything, so no other friends how to cope with the uncertainty. Find data and information, until you recognize that uncertainty and risk.


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